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Car Mount Phone Holder | Universal Holder For Any Phone, GPS Device & Light Tablet, Dash Board Mount, Magnetic & Compact, 360˚ Movable, Adjustable Viewing Angle, Stylish Black Chrome

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● UNIVERSAL MAGNETIC CAR MOUNT – JMF Products ‘Car Mount Phone Holder’ is exclusively made for holding and securing a phone of any model. It comprises ‘sturdy rubber base mount’ with powerful magnetic head for holding smartphones and similar devices. The mount is easily fixed anywhere on the dashboard and held in-place creating firm base for the phone. The magnetic holder is strong enough that produces an intensive force of attraction to keep the phone in-place despite moving vehicle disturbances.

● STURDY BASE MOUNT – The mount base is made of high quality rubber that gets fixed to dashboard and remains steady irrespective of vehicle speed. It is not affected even by road bumps. Mount base firmly holds the magnetic head that keeps your phone in place and steady regardless of vehicle movement and vibrations

● STRONG MAGNETIC HEAD FOR HOLDING PHONE FIRMLY – The mount comes with a magnetic surface to hold the phone. The magnetic surface or head is the one where your phone is attached magnetically. Simply attach the back of the phone to the magnetic surface. There are no mechanical clips and holders. The smooth magnetic surface is perfectly suitable for mounting and holding any smart-phone in place.

● ADJUSTABLE SWIVEL DISPLAY – You can swivel the phone display. Rotate your phone and swivel your display as per your needs. The base of the mount remains fixed wherever it is fixed on the dashboard. Your phone remains in your preferred position despite any vibrations etc.

● NO HASSLE MOUNT – Magnetic design avoids any kind of mechanical holdings like cradles, brackets, clamps; as well as any sticky residues. This magnetic type mount eliminates all those shady and unpleasant looking first generation car mounts. Additionally highly-flexible rotation provides infinite viewing angles. Positioning your phone at the perfect angle ensures a relaxed and safer drive.

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